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Release: Rider Penalties Round 3 of Victorian Hard Enduro series.

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Victorian Hard Enduro Committee - 2023

A Steward determination was made regarding the racing conduct of rider numbers 16 and 65.

The riders self-reported breach of rules during the event. The Steward subsequently made a

determination regarding the breach. A time/track position penalty during competition was

imposed by the Steward.

● No protests were made in regards to the rule breach

● No protests were made in regards to the Steward’s determination

● No Appeals were made in regards to the Steward’s determination

As a result riders 16 and 65 will maintain the event results awarded on the day.

The determination was made within the General Competition Rules (GCR) outlined in Section

5.1 of the 2023 Manual of Motorsport (MoM). The opportunity for protest and appeal are open,

transparent and unhindered. It is a participant’s responsibility to be aware of their rights under

the MoM.

Action taken by the Victorian Hard Enduro Committee:

The Committee has reviewed the determination executed at Round 3, the penalty implemented

and its application for the race format and championship implications. The committee has

concluded that with the benefit of hindsight the penalty applied during the event did not yield an

outcome that is in line with the spirit of the championship.

The committee has voted to amend the championship points for this round with a penalty

deemed appropriate. This penalty will be applied to impacted riders and will be enforced for the

rest of the championship season.

Amended Penalty: First Lap is void for rider/s who did not complete the lap in full.

It should be noted one of the impacted riders is a committee member and was not present nor

participated in voting regarding this matter.

If any party with a material interest in the change in championship points executed by the

committee, has 20 working days to lodge an appeal in writing, via a club representative.

VHEC Club Representatives:

● Tim Osborne - Otway Enduro Club

● Ian Derwent - Diamond Valley Motorcycle Club & Wildwood Motorcyclist Association

● Damien Mcgillivray - Wildwood Motorcyclist Association

● Josh Statton - Hard Enduro Adventures Tasmania

● Matt Mason - Alpine Motorcycle Club

To ensure consistency the Committee are seeking to provide further clarity for clubs and riders

surrounding VHEC rules and penalties in the coming weeks, with an Operations Guideline

which will support upcoming events developing their Supplementary Regulations and provide

clear direction . This document is expected to be finalised after the next Committee meeting,

12/7/23. This will support, not replace the General Competition Rules outlined in 2023 MoMs.

The VHEC Committee would like to thank riders for their patience during this process. We

would also like to remind all riders that this series is still in its early stages and is entirely

organised and managed by dedicated volunteers, as with clubs hosting the events. We

appreciate their time and efforts in ensuring the success of these events.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

VHEC Committee.

Appendix A - Motorcycling Australia Integrity Framework


Maintaining the integrity of motorcycling in Australia is of the utmost importance to MA. The Sport’s

integrity is founded on its culture of competing clean and “doing your best”. With the purpose of

fortifying our Sport’s culture, MA is adopting and implementing an Integrity Framework that promotes:

1. Participation in our Sport free of performance enhancing substances and methods;

2. Genuine contests, free of race-fixing and illegal betting.

3. Our Sport as open to and welcoming of anyone wishing to participate in it, and enjoy a Sport

which is free from harassment, intimidation or other behaviours which fail to respect their

rights as a member of our motorcycling community.

The values that inform and underpin MA’s Integrity Framework are:

1. Health: Participation, regardless of age or ability, in a manner that promotes health and

wellbeing, free from artificial performance enhancing substances or methods.

2. Enjoyment: Having fun free from unfairness, harassment or intimidation.

3. Belonging: Having a sense of belonging in our Sport which is inclusive, welcoming and

supportive of lifelong involvement.

4. Achievement: Promoting opportunity to achieve to whatever level they aspire within our

Sport – as a rider, official, coach or administrator.

5. Respect: Treating each other with respect, participating and adjudicating fairly and honestly,

acknowledging differences in ability, and encouraging differences of opinion.

This Framework applies to everyone who is involved in our Sport.

Rnd3 Steward Determination_VHEC Committee Review Statement
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