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The 2024 Victorian Hard Enduro Championship has 4 rounds planned for the year with 3 confirmed. The Motorcycle Victoria Hard Enduro committee operates to assist the host clubs and promoters to hold the championship.

Each club or promoter controls the events and runs with many volunteers on the day playing key roles.

When attending any event as a spectator you MUST keep 6 meters from the edge of the marked courses, this is for your safety and the future of the sport operating with no issues. Please show respect to our helpers who attend the events to make sure everything is operating with the guidelines of Motorcycle Australia under our local state controlled body.

At any event you are not to assist any riders on the course as this could result in them being removed from the event and points lost, the Hard Enduro riders are riding to display the many skills and bike control methods.

Please support the club and sponsors that make the Hard Enduro events happen, if you would like to be involved as a helper or club running the events please feel free to contact the VHE group or reach out to the clubs running events.

We look forward to seeing both riders and spectators during 2024.

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