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Release: Amended Results Round 4 (Mitta Madness) of Victorian Hard Enduro Series

The Committee has reviewed the results from Round 4 in line with supplied gps files and applied penalties to riders who have missed section/s of the course.

Amended Penalty: A minimum 10 minute penalty has been added for missing a section of the marked course, with larger penalties applying for missing sections which required more time.

This has changed the results presented in a select few instances, if you received a trophy and your results have been amended please return it at the next event you attend.

As per the event’s Supplementary Regulations the use of checkpoints was in place, resulting in some riders receiving partial lap ‘credit’ where a checkpoint was recorded within the available race time and the rider did not complete a full lap. This is reflected in the results as .25 per checkpoint recorded.

Moving forward, VHE rounds which include GPS tracking specification within the event Supplementary Regulations will require riders to submit their unedited gps file, via an online form (included with final instructions and available on the VHE website) within 3 days of the event.

The Committee believes checking the gps files should not be required for all events, and will be avoided where possible to publish results quicker, however recent event course errors have required further measures to be introduced in order to maintain the integrity of the events and series.

As previously updated, the Committee is seeking to provide further clarity for clubs and riders surrounding VHE rules and penalties in the form of an Operations Guideline which will support upcoming events developing their Supplementary Regulations, and provide clear direction on key operations of Hard Enduro events for everyone involved. This document is in the final stages of review and will be published to the website and shared with participating clubs. These guidelines will support, not replace the General Competition Rules outlined in 2023 MoMs.

The VHE Committee would like to thank riders for their patience during the process to finalise results, however we believe it is important to spend longer producing accurate results. We would also like to remind all riders that this series is still in its early stages of development and is entirely organised and managed by dedicated volunteers, as with clubs hosting the events. We appreciate their time and efforts in ensuring the success of these events.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

VHE Committee.

Mitta Results Amendments - Press Release.
Download PDF • 79KB

Mitta Madness Round 4 Results
Download PDF • 10.95MB

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