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Supporting the 2024


 Please join us in welcoming the sponsors that are supporting the Victorian Hard enduro community through supporting the event Championship.

Major   Sponsors

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Force Accessories

For the Victorian Hard Enduro Championship we can only suggest the quality and robustness FORCE products on offer, so next time you're buying protective gear for your bike, consider supporting an Aussie company that has supported Hard Enduro in our wide brown land from its inception.

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Chads off-road setups

Chad's Off-road Setups believe the biggest difference that a rider can make to getting the most out of their riding is to setup the motorcycle's handling to its full potential.

Chad loves working one on one with riders to make sure they have the best set up possible for the type of use. 

Chad is working closely with the Factory Sherco Australia off-road team in 2023 and other Victorian Hard Enduro riders.

Choice Suspension

Choice suspension director Anthony Giles has been involved with motorcycle racing from an early age, going on to win several state and Australian Championships. Just some of elite level riders who have used or are still using Choice to succeed at a world and national level include the impressive list below.

  • Matt Phillips – World Enduro Champion

  • Toby Price – Dakar and Finke champion

  • Daniel Milner – Australian Off-Road Champion

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MITAS tyres.

The true pioneers of the modern Hard Enduro tyre, MITAS offers a broad range of HE specific tyres ranging from the go-to for many serious Hard Enduro riders, the EF07, to the recently released Terraforce range. Theorsbtures come in a variety of compounds to suit different conditions and they also do super-soft “Extreme” mousses that are perfectly sized to their tyres.

If you haven't tried a double-green stripe EF07 with a Mitas super soft mousse in a rocky creek bed, your life's slipping away from you

Two Stroke Performance.jpg

Two Stroke Performance.

TSP are an Australian company (located in Vic) and world leaders in two-stroke engine development, tuning and optimisation. Their products are used by many of Australia's and the world's top hard enduro riders and their proven solutions increase the performance and reliability of any modern 2-stroke, whether it be carburetted or fuel injected.

If you ride a 2-banger in hard enduro and you haven't already tried a TSP head or ECU upgrade, you need your other head read!

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