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MAJOR Series Sponsors

Riders are required to have the correct class numbers at all events...

2024 Series Events
If your MV club would like to join the series in 2024 please contact the committee via the link below. The club is required to run the event under an OPEN permit having local council approval as well property owner backing. 
Challenges of putting on events for 2024 has already been tough on one club with the lack of support to run the weekend, we need all the riders to chip in and help those that are getting burnt out trying to make your racing the best it can be.
Key support required with Admin, track design and layouts, track marking, Sign-on functions, officials duties during the events and one for every rider is a hand to pack up.


Round dates are subject to change if required

Round 1

Kozi Killer
6th / 7TH

Round 2


CANCELLED Due to Council Error

Round 3

Black Beauty Sprints

CANCELLED Due to Club limitations

Round 4

Force Accessories Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro
9th / 10th November

Presentation Day / Ride

contact us to ADD your event in 2024.

Victorian Motorcycle clubs and members have come together to present the Victorian state level Hard Enduro Championship.

Showcasing individual Hard Enduro events in multiple different environments and formats for young and old of all skill levels in 2024.

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